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Our Services in Bali

Here some Information for you

We offer a range of information & aid which has a positive effect on your Balistay.

Our Airport Transfer, 

offers you a friendly receipt at the airport by our drivers. Uncomplicated and dierekter transfer to the hotel / lodging. The driver knows all hotels / lodgings. Hence, one drives to a long flight not even half an hour longer in the taxi because the lodging hard is to be found.

  • Maximum number of the people: 3 (More people, on inquiry).
  • Our price refers to the vehicle. (3 people included)
  • They have the choice between a German speaker and an English speaker driverOf course also an Indonesian speaking driver.
  • They receive an email answer within 24 hours.
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Our Scooters,
  • All scooters are without gear, they are an automatic.
  • We give a short introduction by the scooter you with pleasure, if desirably.
  • We also give away some rules of etiquette in the Indonesian traffic to you with on him.
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 Our Day Trips / Tours,

  • Beech Your private driver simply freely of stress on-line without having to haggle over a price.
  • In the morning a day tour begins as a rule around 08:00 and lasts 8-10 hours. 
  • The aims Can vary, the far most distant aim for a day tour is the Bedugul region.
  • Maximum number of the people: 3 (More people, on inquiry)
  • Our price refers to the vehicle. (2 people included)
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Payment kind :

They have to pay the following possibilities your reservations

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash

Give Please in the Reservation form the Payment kind and the currency.


All Bookings can be also paid in US Dollar ($), English Pound (£), Euro (€) or Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

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We Answer all Inquiries & Bookings within 24 Hours