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Here you see some impressions of the island.

All pictures became in the last years of us self-made


Beaches, temples and a lot more

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Hash House Harriers Bali


 What is Hashing or Hash run?

One follows a distance laid out with paper scrap. One can run the distance either (jog) or go for a walk. Who does not go therefore the quickest is. Mostly there are two, sometimes even three routes: Briefly, medium and long. As a rule one agrees predicted how long the respective routes are. Approx. 5 km for the short and 8-12 km for the long distance there are usual. After everybody has come in the aim the barrel is pierced. The Hash run contains beside the sporty part also a sociable, namely the next drinking. Often happens in the form of a circle in the person certain then or groups a glass of beer on ex must drink. Reasons are, for example, national holidays, i.e. all participants of a certain country have to go in the middle of the circle and a glass of beer exen. Who offends with the run against the rules (shorten, overtake without answer to say) has to go if necessary. also believe in it and sit down on a block of ice. On the Internet circulate witty descriptions what it with this kind of sports club on themselves has. One calls the club in himself Hash House Harriers and these exist, in principle, worldwide in almost all countries. To more infos simply the logos click.


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